Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farewell Blogger... you were a good ship!

This is to announce that the Mojowire has moved... we are now at the mojowire on typepad. Yeah, you may see some ads, and you might even think of clicking through them if there's something there of interest you see... but it will still be the same mojowire you have come to know and love (or perhaps fear and loathe).

So come on over and join us at our new digs; and never fear, the old archive will be here on blogger as long as blogger is around and we aren't using up too much space with our thread.

Thanks for a good run blogger... but it's graduation day!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Tea Baggers in a Nut Shell

His Rudeness does it again:
"The purpose of the Tea Party movement is individualism gone mad, which means "If you fuck off and leave us alone, government, with our god, our guns, our high fructose corn syrup, our Facebook, our shitty jobs and wages, you can go about your business." The Tea Party's "success" is just a clever exploitation of our American nihilism, a march into oblivion, or wheeled into it unawares as we gaze at our Blackberrys assuring us that every little fart of a thought is important. The election of Barack Obama is beginning to seem less like an urgent call to change than the huffing effort of a fat guy forced to call 911 because his kitchen's ablaze because of an exploded microwave burrito. "Oh, the fire's out? Can I get that burnt burrito? Because The Biggest Loser's about to come on."

Pretty much says it all... wish I'd written it...

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*fzzt* Hey *crackle* Is Thing On?

Wireheads! Your attention please.

It has come to the attention of senior management at their oar stations and the editorial monkeys that there has not been much happening on this blog of late, other than the occasional sage ramblings of one Hebisner Feniktorod, a known degenerate peacenik and social malcontent.

There are going to be some fairly radical changes here within the next 30 days. I mean, screw it, am I a writer or not? And if so... then it is time to stop wallowing in lameness ... and ellipses and take this to the next level.

The potential for crashing, burning, humiliating defeat and the cratering of my already fragile self-esteem is truly high. But I don't seem to be doing anything else at the moment... so

Stand by to stand by, while we get ready to kick this pig!

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