Sunday, June 26, 2005


Okay...this is a perfect example of the kind of shit in the MSM that is making me limb-gnawing angry. Via Daniel Schorr at NPR:

"And now the public support for the war in Iraq is declining in the face of a more determined insurgency than we expected."

Oh my freekin' God...

Strychnine? Sean? Am I dreaming this?

Is there no end in sight?

I can recall a time when the three of us could not open our mouths in public without the phrase asymetric war of attrition that the U.S. is totally unprepared for..." emitting from our collective grills. I remember people fearing to address us, or even look us in the eye for dread that we would expound on the totally fscked-up insurgency that we were biting off in Iraq.

And now, these people have the bottomless gall to act shocked and surprised when the insurgency does exactly what we were ... I hestitate to say predicting, because that would presume that we had some specialized knowledge or experience allowing us to draw conclusions and prognosticate in an area that most people would have no ability to do so ... let's say pointing out the hideously obvious.

So you will excuse me Mr. Schorr if I am deeply disappointed in you, a newsman I generally admire and respect, for being either completely full of shite, or ignorant to extent that should automatically disqualify you from ever doing radio news analysis ever again...


Friday, June 24, 2005

And The Enemy Here Is Who Again?

[ Via Brad DeLong ], here comes an interesting thought experiment from Jeanne at Body And Soul.

Can you tell, without peeking at the linked articles, which group of torturers is on our side?

The key phrase, of course, is "on our side," as you might expect. The articles aren't talking about American troops doing the torturing. Remembers, our valiant boys and girls aren't really cut out for that kind of work, so when we have a job for the professionals— we hire out to the best.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dean was right...

Of all places, the Weekly Standard has an interesting article (via Kevin Drum) on how Dems could become competitive in the south. Its about the Dem consultant that helped Mark Warner win in Virginia. It' worth checking out. In the article, the consultant endorses Deans remark about trucks and the confederate flag. Give it a read..


Sunday, June 12, 2005


You know...

I was thinking of doing a post on the whole new set of Downing Street memos making the rounds this morning.


But you know what? Fuck it! I am with Atrios on this one. I am sick, absolutely sick-to-fucking-death of disgorging more rising bile over crap that you people should have known in the first place.

"But how were we supposed to know..." yes, I hear the whining even in my sleep now. You were supposed to know because all of us were telling you so, morons!

Kind of reminds of the words of Bill Hicks: "Interesting style, say something that's kind of funny and then you tell us you hate us..."

Absolute fucking morons! You are all going to get the country you deserve. I am so completely past tired of hearing people whinge and whine about the state of things. You had your chance to fix this, but you were too busy watching the Michael Jackson trial or voting for American Idol contestants to pay attention.

At this point, I hope they do bring back the draft. I really do. I hope they have to come for you at the airport and drag you away to the induction center and they next thing you know, you've got your ass in the grass and wondering how you got there.

I'll tell you how you got voted yourself there. Good job. Drop us a letter sometime, let us know how it's going.

I am not interested in hearing excuses of ignorance anymore. I am so not interested in that. My friends and I have been shouting this (literally) from the rooftops for more than four fucking years now! At some point you folks have got to take a little responsibility for this.

Either way, I have had it up to here *indicates suborbital ridge with horizontal hand motion* with all of this. It has come to the point where I am starting to really believe you are just happy being lied to, as long as you get to be on the side that's helping others to just get over, then fine. It's not that you don't get it, it's that you just don't give a rat's ass. Well fine then, you all are cordially invited to just go to hell.


mojo sends

Friday, June 10, 2005

Back and to the left...

So in light of the most recent polling regardng the Presidents falling approval ratings, how long before one of the following occurs:

  1. Someone is arrested and proclaimed to be the "nth" 9/11 hijacker, planning new attacks, or a "high level" Al Queda leader who was a close confidant of Usama Bin Laden
  2. The Alert level is raised to threat level Megalon and hapless Red Staters are sent scurrying to Lowes and Home Depot for a new supply of Duct Tape and plastic sheeting.
  3. An amazing new victory in the war on whomever where Imperial forces, fighting the terrorist droid armies in the outer rim, rack up another decisive victory.

Place your bets folks....No matter how many shots you think you hear from the Book Despository, keep your eyes on the grassy knoll....

Insert quotation here.

Insert the vengeful, apocalyptic wrath of the space-God Jehovah-1 here.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

More Dark Comedy From The Religious Weird

So, I'm surfing Evangelical Outpost, because— well, I do that sort of thing so You Don't Have To. And I find a link to this bit of weirdness penned by an editor for some Christian magazine called Touchstone.

This is because of my overall philosophy of childrearing. I am aiming to raise up violent sons.
The Star Wars movie offered the opportunity to talk through these issues of cosmic struggle with my boys. And to place such themes in context of what they already know from the most blessedly violent bedtime stories they hear every day: the Holy Scriptures.

I've given you just a small taste of the exquisite silliness. Click through the link to see the good bits. You'll think it's parody, but it looks to me like the dude is serious. He actually thinks the way to raise up "violent sons"— which he seems to think is a good idea— is to take them to see Star Wars: Episode III and have a good talk through the issues afterward.

When I finally stop laughing my ass completely off over this, I'm going to have to downsize my estimate of the threat these people really pose to my lifestyle. Something tells me his sons are gonna be absolute pussies. (The daughters, on the other hand, may still pose a problem...)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

So the conservative clowns at this place decided to list the 10 most harmful books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Peruse at your leisure. Bask in the baleful glare of mooks who have drained the final dregs of the Kool-Aid, where John Dewey and Alfred Kinsey are the villians. Just for grins, here is a partial list of the most harmful of the last 200 years:

Mein Kampf by Adolph Hilter - Unlike many of the books on the Conservative list, Mein Kampf advocates exactly what occured in Nazi Germany, a horrific foray into industrialized genocide. A horrific and genuinely evil piece of trash.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - a anti-semitic tract cooked up by Czarist regime of the Romanovs in the late 19th century. It has become a crucial element in antisemitic movements ever since. It is completely fictitious and, like Mein Kampf, a deranged piece of propaganda designed to committ egregious harm on innocent people.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand - A worthless piece of fiction supporting a worthless philosophey advocating greed and self interest. The true inspiraton for the current economic philosphy of today's republican party, and it truly reflects their delusional grasp on reality.

The Turner Diaries A nauseating racist diatribe that rivals Mein Kampg in it's malignant intentions. A prime inspiration for the murderous rampages of Timmy McViegh and Eric Rudolph. Hundreds of people have died as a result of the hatred advocated by this book.

There's more, but even contemplating this list has made me want to step away for a time...Please add your thoughts..