Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cruel and Inhumane Treatment = Official Policy

Because I am the glutton for punishment that I am, I watched some the President's confab with his tame pet White House reporters, when one of them threw an honest to God curve ball at the Prez. Check this:

Q Mr. President, I'd like to ask you about the Gonzales nomination, and specifically, about an issue that came up during it, your views on torture. You've said repeatedly that you do not sanction it, you would never approve it. But there are some written responses that Judge Gonzales gave to his Senate testimony that have troubled some people, and specifically, his allusion to the fact that cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of some prisoners is not specifically forbidden so long as it's conducted by the CIA and conducted overseas. Is that a loophole that you approve?

THE PRESIDENT: Listen, Al Gonzales reflects our policy, and that is we don't sanction torture. He will be a great Attorney General, and I call upon the Senate to confirm him.

Yeah, Al Gonzalez spoke accurately. The policy of this White House is to sanction the inhumane and cruel treatment of prisoners, as long as it is being done by the CIA (or soon Rummy's Raiders) overseas or someplace "not technically the United States."

Is there anyone who really thinks that this White House doesn't actually sanction torture or that the Sec. of Defense and the President don't give direct orders for this activity to take place? Great so now Sparky is the official policy of the United States. But you must remember that whatever it is, it is not torture

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