Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bitchy Snark For No Good Reason

Jerry Ford's pastor in Palm Desert annoyed me yesterday.

Dude is a reverend in the Episcopal church, and obviously a veteran— because he decided to wear his ribbons on his vestments during the funeral ceremony. That's not what annoyed me. I'm all good with veterans wearing their ribbons on civilian clothes under appropriate circumstances, and I have no problem seeing how the circumstances here were appropriate.

But you'd think if the dude were going to be all that and wear his ribbons on his vestments (right below an ostentatious diamond studded cross), he'd at least have the good sense to remember he's not wearing a uniform when the color guard hoists the flag on the steps outside the church. Saluting the flag when in civilian attire is poor form. It also makes you look really goofy when you do it under bright sunlight without wearing a cover, exposing your bald pate with a nice shine visible from space.

For a moment there, I was seriously starting to wonder if the chaplains corps had developed spiffy new dress uniforms that look absolutely nothing like other military uniforms and look for all the world like priestly robes. Normally, that wouldn't be an idea that would be worth considering, but times being what they are...

Dear proud veterans, please try harder to keep from confusing us poor, benighted civilians. I know it's a tough slog, and it often feels like teaching pigs to sing, but kicking your civilians around for being ignorant goobs will be so much more satisfying once you've gotten your own act together. Thanks.

Love, S9.

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