Monday, March 12, 2007

Ow, My Balls

I have no joke here [via TalkingPointsMemo.Com], I just like saying...
Among the complaints that Rove relayed were concerns among Republican Party officials in various jurisdictions that the Justice Department was not being aggressive in pursuing allegations of election fraud by Democrats.
The thing about this story about purging US attorneys that really grinds is that We Told You Fncking People This Would Happen.

Let me now tell you fncking people what will happen if you let them get away with this shit— just like you let them get away with all the previous shit when we were telling you this would happen. The next thing to go will be the judges. Don't think they can do that? Think again. Judges grow old, they retire or they leave office, and somebody has to replace them. After that, they'll start going after high profile liberal fundraising operations with the most nakedly thuggish tactics. You have been warned.

You cannot imagine where this goes unless you've studied how fascism is a failure mode of republics. If you let these nutjobs get away with the US attorney purge, they'll raise the stakes again. And again. And again. Understand this: they are deadly cold serious when they say they want to eliminate liberals by force. Let them think you'll let them get away with it, and they'll try. You have been warned.

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