Sunday, April 22, 2007

I knew I liked Sheryl Crow for a reason (besides her musical awesomefuleness)

Apparently they decided to really dumb-down the White House Correspondent's dinner Saturday night, after Steven Colbert brought the beat down last year. They're still talking about his masterpiece from last year.

So they got that old dried up un-funny man Rich Little to make some half-ass attempts at humor, all of which made a very large smoking crater every time he opened his pie hole.

But there was one bright spot:
"One highlight: singer Sheryl Crow, on a cross-country global warming awareness trip, got into it with Karl Rove. Jawing like a baseball manager and an umpire arguing a call, Crow and Rove were disagreeing over global warming, with Crow’s pal, Laurie David, offering support."
You know, watching Sheryl Crow put Karlos the Jackal in a headlock and give him Indian burns until he agrees that science is real, that's worth the price of admission right there...

That's right monkey, that's rock and roll...

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