Monday, July 09, 2007

Play Ball!

Word comes this morning from disparate sources that there are currently about more than 140,000 Turkish troops massed on the Iraqi border today in an apparent preparation for a cross border incursion to fight the PKK (Kurdish Worker's Party to you and me).

Once again the oracle-like nature of the Mojowire has been exposed. We have been warning against this since day one of our Great American Mercantile Empire experiment, and more recently in the last year as both Turkish and Iranian artillery and special forces units have been engaging the Kurds in Northern Iraq.

It does beg the question of what does the U.S. do when Turkey decides it has had enough of U.S. inaction on Kurdish political agitation and takes matters into its own hands?

I don't know and I'll give odds that no one in D.C. or in CENTCOM's HQ bunker knows, either.

One thing's for sure though... it's gonna be a helluva show!

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