Thursday, September 13, 2007

Petraeus Caesar

The other day, s9 put up this amusing/horrifying bit, saying: "I have no joke here... I just like saying President-for-Life Petraeus over and over again until it sounds almost normal."

This was based on a moment of clarity from Kevin Drum (link in original post) about the nature of Petraeus Iraqious and what might his intentions be once he brings his legions back from Persia/Mesopotamia and marches them across the Rubicon...

It was an interesting bit, to be sure, and I guess it's been kicking around in the back of my mind for a bit, because this morning I was over to Comrade Joshua's place and came across the following ominous artifact". To wit:
"Sabah Khadim, then a senior adviser at Iraq's Interior Ministry, says General Petraeus discussed with him his ambition when the general was head of training and recruitment of the Iraqi army in 2004-05.

"I asked him if he was planning to run in 2008 and he said, 'No, that would be too soon'," Mr Khadim, who now lives in London, said."
Yeah... you can just rock me to sleep now, thanks!

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