Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heed the Mighty Billmon...

Billmon speaks you listen...

He has managed to coalesce and give voice to a gnawing fear that has been growing in base of my spine for several weeks now as the conservative movement's quest for a one-party state has started to look like it's going to come up short, and in fact take one in the chones for its troubles.

"We don't need to hark back to the unfortunate history of a certain Central European country in the 1930s to understand how poisonous this kind of political myth making can become. Powerful elements of the Republican Party and the conservative "movement" aren't just preparing themselves to go into opposition, they're preparing themselves to dispute the legitimacy of an Obama presidency -- in ways that could, if taken to extreme, lead to another Oklahoma City."
His interpretation of events is frighteningly plausible.

Already we have been seeing during the course of the summer and into the fall, the desperate talent search by movement conservatives for a new internal enemy, like a reality show; "American Traitor" where contestants line up to see who would be the best victim for the "stabbed in the back" myth making.

Thanks Billmon... you can just rock me to sleep, now...

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