Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Inaugural Invocation Kerfuffle... starting to piss me off.

People. Can we get a grip? I know you don't like Rick Warren. He's a bigoted homophobe and an apologist for the Torture State. Giving a guy like that another pulpit and more face time with the panopticon is dangerous business. I get that.

He is, on the other hand, a leadership figure in a large religious movement. Obama is sending an important message by picking him to deliver the invocation: Rick Warren is a preacher, not a political advisor, and the New Rules say that preachers should stick to performing religious services. If Warren were smarter, he'd be refusing the invitation. It's a trap for him and all his dominionist screwhead followers.

Now, I'm not exactly happy with the situation. Until the day arrives that we no longer need to have a religious service as a part of the presidential inauguration ceremony, I think we're all going to have to settle down and get used to the fact that preachers are going to be standing in front of pulpits at times like this, and usually— preachers often being the deeply silly people that are drawn to that line of work— the preacher doing the lip-flapping will be a hugely popular one who's said more than a few stupid things in his career. Rick Warren fits that bill just fine.

To sum up: I am not at all interested in what Rick Warren has to say when he's babbling at his fellow cultists in Irvine, and I don't think I'm going to care much what he says in his invocation in Washington, D.C. next month. I am happy that the most popular dominionist pinwheel-eyed churchmonster in the nation will be relegated to the insubstantial role of proposing the equivalent of a toast, and not being invited into a White House where the political operation is a deliberate substitution for a functional policy shop. That's a considerable smackdown for Warren and his fellow travelers, and I'm pleased to see it delivered with force.

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