Saturday, May 02, 2009

Is President Obama A Liar Or A Coward? You Decide.

That's what Bruce Fein implies, and I agree with him.

BRUCE FEIN: I would have asked him, since he's agreed that what was done was torture, and that the United States criminal code makes torture a crime. And there's no national security exception, no exception if you get useful information. And because we had impeached, in the House Judiciary Committee, a former President, called Richard Nixon, for failing faithfully to execute the laws. How he can justify not moving forward with an investigation when we have a former President and Vice President openly acknowledging they authorized water boarding, what he has described as torture, is a crime.

Or in the alternative, if he thinks that there are mitigating circumstances, and there's body language suggests that, then he should pardon them like Ford did Richard Nixon. And the reason why the difference between a pardon and non-prosecution is important, is because a pardon requires the recipient to acknowledge guilt. That there was wrongdoing. There was a crime. Just forgetting and sweeping it under the rug suggests this wasn't illegal.
Mr. President, if you ensure that nobody is held accountable for ordering the torture, then it proves either A) you're a liar when you say you think your predecessors committed what clearly amounts to a war crime, or B) you're a coward for not having the courage to pay the political costs for granting them a pardon.

Which is it, Mr. President? Which Is It?

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