Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm at my wit's end.

First, they removed the end-of-life counseling provisions from the health insurance reform bill because it was important to forget that they were all in support of them until they reliably informed that our White Christian grandmothers would be eaten by space aliens at Area 51 by President Obama's death panels.

Then, they shut down the email alias because it was even more important to forget that the White House isn't allowed to delete emails they receive unless they might have originated from nutcases who think toting handguns and rifles to public assemblies in the vicinity of the President of the United States is the optimal form of political protest.

Now, they're talking about removing the public option from the health insurance reform bill because it's extremely important to pass a bill that contains individual mandates to buy private health insurance from effective monopolies that have every incentive in the world to resist cuts to their operating overhead. How this is not expected to be a political disaster of epic proportions for anyone caught voting for it is a complete mystery to me.

Let me get this straight. My fellow bloggers here and me are going to now be subject to criminal penalties if we don't pay our health insurance premiums to private companies whose sole function is to make profit by denying coverage for medical care to as many sick and injured people as possible?

This is supposed to be REFORM!?

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