Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farewell Blogger... you were a good ship!

This is to announce that the Mojowire has moved... we are now at the mojowire on typepad. Yeah, you may see some ads, and you might even think of clicking through them if there's something there of interest you see... but it will still be the same mojowire you have come to know and love (or perhaps fear and loathe).

So come on over and join us at our new digs; and never fear, the old archive will be here on blogger as long as blogger is around and we aren't using up too much space with our thread.

Thanks for a good run blogger... but it's graduation day!

mojo sends


Ed said...

http://mojowire.typepad.com/ is asking me for HTTP authentication. Did you mean to do that?

s9 said...

Me too. I think you meant to open it to the public first.

vanmojo said...

Corrected! Thanks...

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