Monday, October 18, 2004

Bush-Cheney 2004 Campaign Comes Out Against Protecting Civil Liberties

Via some threadjacker in an Atrios thread, we find an article in the Bend Bugle.
October 14 - MEDFORD – President Bush taught three Oregon schoolteachers a new lesson in irony – or tragedy – Thursday night when his campaign removed them from a Bush speech and threatened them with arrest simply for wearing t-shirts that said “Protect Our Civil Liberties,” the Democratic Party of Oregon reported.

Of course, the Democratic Party of Oregon might be lying about this incident, because— as we all know too well— the Democrats are a pack of filthy prevaricators. The truth is not in them, you know. So, of course, their press releases can be discounted without even reading them. Without even any supporting evidence, in fact.

(Relax, folks— I'm just practicing for life after Bush-Cheney wins the election, and all of us proud members of the "reality-based community" are either interned in concentration camps for questioning the authority of the ministry of state security, or we find a way to pass ourselves off as Patriotically Correct while we're secretly supporting La Resistance.)

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