Wednesday, October 13, 2004

W Disappears into Black Hole of Shrillness

From a dispatch I shot over to Shrillblog a little while ago...

Oh my God...

Did you see the debate? I believe the President's own treacherous and pathological inability to tell the truth has finally turned inwards and driven him permanently and irretrievably shrill... Like the dog catching its own tail, the President descended into an enternal and damned moebius feedback loop of hysterical lies and shrillness right before our eyes this evening... He positively attained a shrill-singularity, surrounded by an event horizon of mendacity; a point of no return from which not even truth, itself, can escape.

The President gazed into the other side of the void and summarily spun completely out of control in front of the entire nation on prime time TV.

I swear there were times I thought I could see the thought bubble above JK's head saying "do I really have to be here for this, he's doing pretty good all on his own..."

mojo sends

It was a site to see... and the call from the polls, across the board: it's a hat-trick for JK. Now let's just see if he can translate this into a stronger message and consistent campaign for the next couple of weeks... oh please, oh please, oh please...

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