Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bye Roe..

I think it unlikely that Alito's appointment to the Court will be defeated. While I believe that his appointment should be filibusted, I doubt the Dems will be able to pull it off even if they have the will for it. Based solely on his judicial record, I think it is clear he will vote to overturn Roe and defend the Administrations power grabs wherever they rear their ugly head before the Supreme Court.

We need to get our heads around this. The test cases are probably ready to go, or soon will be. And despite Alito's testimony, I would not stay too attached to Griswold.

So let me be among the first to welcome you to Jesusland. Mind the cursing and the spitting, and don't forget to kiss our Lords Holy Posterior lest he give you a stroke or a catagory 5 hurricane or something equally unpleasant. And watch out for the GAY, they are tricky and have been known to sneak into your home and make it and you more tasteful.

Got a problem with that hippie?

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