Thursday, January 29, 2004

Analyzing The D Race

Robert Reich has a thoughtful analysis of the Democratic party Presidential nomination race. I've been careful to note what Uncle Robert says ever since I read his Work Of Nations almost a decade ago.

The dismal fifth-place showing by Senator Joseph Lieberman in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday serves as both reminder and motivator to the other Democratic presidential candidates on what it will take to win in November. For so long now, everyone has assumed that recapturing the presidency depends on who triumphs in the battle between liberals and moderates within the party. Such thinking, though, is inherently flawed. The real fight is between those who want only to win back the White House and those who also want to build a new political movement — one that rivals the conservative movement that has given Republicans their dominant position in American politics.

Further down, he discloses that he's helping the Kerry campaign.

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