Saturday, January 24, 2004

Our dear uncle drieux has recently posted another kvetch about whether Americans are really all that committed to keeping their Republic much longer, now that nobody really remembers much about Ben Franklin beyond that stunt with the kite.

He concludes saying, "The only solution then is to engage more americans in the political process, before there has to be any serious discussion about how to recover that political process because the "Diplomacy Window" has really been closed, and 'they' Really only understand Military Power as the driving motivator."

Which reminds me of this fine rant from the redoubtable Arundhati Roy in which she argues that the time has come to regard Drieux's "diplomacy window" as well and truly slammed shut.

I'm trying to find a way to disagree politely with Ms. Roy, but I'm coming up short. It's not that I can't be polite. It's that I can't quite bring myself to disagree...

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