Friday, July 08, 2005

All You Need To Know About The Movement

Being able to take a somewhat jaundiced view at the action across the pond yesterday, we were provided a glimpse into the very heart (or the dried up and shrivled dog turd that passes for a heart) of the Movement Conservatives and their gleeful pronouncements on why they are shiteing themselves with glee over the British masstrans bombing.

For the likes of Andrew McCarthy over at NRO, it was simply a matter of pointing out that the British are just another subset of the slackjawed, limpwristed, dickless Euro-Pansies who had it coming because they still subscribe to such "quaint" notions like Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions. If only we could just "squeeze information out of the bad people" like they used to do on all those cool old cop shows; send Kojak or Baretta over there, that'd learn 'em.

To reiview, that's the one that says Thou Shalt Not commit unrestricted warfare against civilians just because you think there might have been a terrorist in the woodpile.

But, no, the food-defiling Brits had it comin' donchya see...

And then the echo-chamber really started to kick in as the good people over at FoxNews started in with their whole "Thank God for the terrorists bombs so we could forget all about this hippie G8 nonsense about world cooperation to deal with global warming and the horror of AIDS and poverty in Africa. No, it's all about the terrorism again, thank God!"

Then it was off to the races. Here is my favorite from the Neo-Catholo-Facist Opus Dei wannabees over at Southern Appeal. This was in the comment section from the post regarding the Andrew McCarthy Screed

Feddie - your blog reaches hundreds of people. What I would really like to see is a well articulated post calling all the 18-32 year old single men to get off their couch, put down the remote, and protect THIS HOUSE[emphasis his]

This is the most tremendousest thing I have ever seen. This guy is taking his personal views on the war on terror and international relations from a fscking athletic shoe commercial. You got that?! Dude is using a some Madison Avenue tennis shoe pimping to define his feelings on patriotism.


But at the end of the day, doesn't this tell you everything you ever really needed to know about The Movement and its followers? The whole thing is built on cheap advertising jingles, and market research and is designed with one purpose -- and one purpose only -- in mind, and that is to get a large segment of the population to look in the wrong direction while the "leaders" of the movement rip them off blind, poison their air and water and crap all over the rest of the world in their name and get them to give thanks for it.

That really is modern conservatism in a nutshell...

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