Monday, July 04, 2005

Feeling the Branch Creak

Some underplayed news on CNN this morning... Newsweek: Rove Spoke to Reporter Before Leak

You will excuse me whilst I giggle with barely controlled glee.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Newsweek magazine is reporting that e-mails between Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper and his editors show that Karl Rove, President Bush's top political adviser, spoke to Cooper in the days before a CIA operative's identity was revealed in the media, but it wasn't clear what Cooper and Rove discussed.

C'mon, we all know what they were discussing. This could get very messy for the White House, and suddenly Karl the Jackal's little performance from the previous week in front of a group of rabid, redstate, brainstems comes into focus. Karl the Jackal must have known this was coming down, hence the misdirections.

Say the words with me, you know you want too:

Frogmarched, Bitch!

If the special prosecutor is really serious about this, then the next stop for Karl the Jackal might just be standing tall in front of the (federal) man with whatever scumbag hack lawyer the RNC appoints for him.

Hell, between this and Randy "Duke" Cunningham having the FBI search his crib the other day, I haven't had this much to smile about in politics for a few years now.

The Freepers are gripping hard!

Yeah, so it might be a tad unseemly for me to reveling in such tremendous schadenfreude, so I will beg your pardon after the fact. It's just that it has been painful watching these various asshats get over for the past few years. It is also likely they will all walk away from their current travails.

But at just this moment, the fact that at least a few of them might be be publicly forced to contemplate their magnificent bastardness in front of a federal judge and/or grand jury and possibly even have to seriously contemplate what life might be like "on the inside" is helping me to cope with the fact that they have been treating our country, our government and our Constitution like a cheap hotel room during Fleet Week.

Karl the Jackal might end up having to teach an emergency Abstinence-based sex ed class for the Aryan Brothers in cell-block D...sleep tight, princess!

Okay, enough of that... Let's just hope our Justice system is up to the task of following through on the swing, here...

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