Monday, July 25, 2005

The Eds Demand Blood and Tribute

Another interesting bit in the Washington Post this morning on the Plame Affair (or I guess Nadagate as we are now supposed to be calling it...

And can anyone explain what Nadagate is supposed to refer to...

Anyway... The Post story is essentially this empty bit of daily churn on how Attorney General (then-White Hosue Counsel) Sparky Gonzalez got word of the initial Plame investigation from White House COS Andy Card, but waited a whole 12 hours before he informed the rest of the staff.

There are some speculations as to why he waited, the usual suspects are hollering that it augers for most dread conspiracy, but for me I think this is a nothing story.

And that is very interesting...

You see, this is what I would expect to see from a news room where the editors are actually excited about an ongoing story, and moreover, they are afraid of getting scooped (especically the Post, which is the hometown paper of record for what is arguably one of the largest, most inbred company towns of all time).

This is a signal that an editor, or editors, in response to instructions from their supervisors are being told to get Plame in the paper every day! They don't care how non-story it is, they want their reporters on this digging it out and getting it in print.

Over the next couple of days I am going to watch the Post, Times and few other national papers carefully to see what they are getting in print. It might be that the Mighty Wurlitzer is losing control of the Steno Pool. It is an indication that the national media may really be taking this seriously.

And that's a good thing.

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