Thursday, September 22, 2005

Do I Have To Support THESE Troops Too?

Via Digby, whose article behind that link ought to be required reading for every WireHead™, we find this post from the otherwise painfully unreadable Andrew Sullivan:
CORPSES FOR PORN? What on earth is this website [link elided] doing? U.S. soldiers can post pics of the corpses of Iraqis killed in war on a website devoted mainly to amateur porn. I clicked through and saw just a couple of pics which are beyond appalling and distressing. The section for corpses - and it's not clear whether they are of insurgents or just civilians - has this introduction:
Pictures in this forum are submitted by U.S. Soldiers from over in Iraq and Afghanistan and will probably be a little gory. So if you get sick easy or have a problem with dead terrorists please don't look here.
If you send in pics of dead insurgents or Iraqis, you get free access to the porn part of the site. The pics that are appended have names such as "What every Iraqi should look like," "DIE, HAJI, DIE," and "Cooked Iraqi." I would think this violates the Geneva Conventions, not that the U.S. under this president cares about those very much any more. But it's also beyond depraved. Eric Muller sounded the alarm. Like the pictures from Abu Ghraib, these images are also a propaganda coup for Zarqawi and his monsters - a consequence of war in the Internet age. Have we really sunk to this?

Yes, apparently— we've really sunk to this. Drink it in, Americans. This is your patriotic glorious all-volunteer military. These are the people your President thinks are the only people really prepared to deal with the logistical requirements of a major natural disaster in your neighborhood.

America really is an exceptional country, isn't it?

Update 1.0: I've been behind a web proxy all week, and I'm not seeing this article show up on the MojoWire front page. Strangely, it went straight to archives. I wonder if something inside Blogger doesn't like the 'P' word.

Update 2.0: It finally happened. I scooped Billmon. Go read his take— it's better than mine.

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