Friday, September 09, 2005

Is the creaking branch ready to break?

Arianna Huffington, who has been all over Judy Miller and the New York Times for her refusal to testify in the Plame case, reports an interesting rumor she is getting from her "sources" inside the New York Times. here is a sample:

The question is, if what Miller wanted was to be "properly released" by her source why didn't she properly ask for it? If all she was waiting for was a more "proper" waiver, why is it okay to ask for one now but not to have asked for one two months ago?

"I think," said the source, "Judy doesn't want to spend even more time in jail -- which could happen if Fitzgerald decided to press criminal contempt charges."

I have suspected, based on what I have read about Paddy FitzGerald, that he would slap Judy with crinimal contempt for failing to testify if she pissed him off enough. Remember, these two have a history. As I understand the story, Fitzgerald was placed in charge of investigating Islamic Charities that were being used as money laundering operations for Al Queda and Hamas. He was ready to drop a search warrant on some of them, when A New York Times reporter called the charities up for comments on the impending raid the night before it was supposed to go down, thereby tipping off. When the Fed showed up with their warrant, a ton of evidence had been removed or destroyed. Nice work, Judy!

FitzGerald is renowned for his low tolerance for perjury and his vigor in purusing people who lie to his Grand Juries. Rove Sideious better hope that Judy is not ready to squawk, or that her info doesn't pertain to him, because this could get ugly real damn fast.

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