Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't Worry, It's Only a Shower...

WARNING SIGN - tortureI guess this makes me close to not being an American anymore, apparently...
The agreement says the executive branch is responsible for upholding the nations’ commitment to the Geneva Conventions, leaving it to the president to establish through executive rule any violations for the handling of terrorism suspects that fall short of a “grave breach.”... Democrats have put their trust in Senators Graham, McCain and Warner to push back against the White House, and Thursday they signaled that they intended to continue cooperating. “Five years after Sept. 11, it is time to make the tough and smart decisions to give the American people the real security they deserve,” said the Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada.
Great... we are officially codifying the President's ability to order acts recognizable by any sentient being on the planet as criminal acts of violence.

Wonderful compromise. We'll let the Maximum Leader, decide what is and is not torture, in exchange for indemnifying his gang for their felonious conduct, except in circumstances that would take a Hudud tribal court to convict.

And let me just say how very, very proud I am to be affiliated with the Democratic Party at this critical junction in our nation's history. At the moment when a strong moral compass, and a primal sense of right and wrong would have been both useful and politically effective, the party's elected leadership has given us something to be genuinely proud of, yet another pass for Preznit Chucklehead!

I guess this doesn't make me a good Democrat anymore, huh...

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