Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stupidest Thing Ever Said, v2.0

You may have thought the idea of vacuum-schooners plying their way across the Van Allen plains to the hopeful mining fields of Mare Tranquilis, where modern day 49ers scratch a dusty living off the lunar surface searching for precious adamantium nuggets, could not be toppled in the race for Stupidest Thing Ever Said...

But wait, this is just... it's a good thing I've already had a stroke... here's a hint, it is Laura Ingarham
"You know the average American out there loves the show 24, they love Jack Bauer, they love 24, and to my mind that's as close to a national referendum that it's okay to use 'tough tactics' against high level al qa'ida operatives ... I don't know this stuff, but I trust our military interrogators and CIA more than Ron Suskind or Human Rights Watch..."
Just watch the video... it's stunning; watch and join me here in clutching my head like a stunned monkey.

We should conduct the most sensitive functions of foreign policy, matters of international law and military intelligence based on the popularity of a particular tv show. In fact we could replace the entire mechanism of democracy with set top arbitron ratings machines, and direct national policy based on what's on the tube...

Nice job... why is this sollopsistic harpy even allowed to even own a tv, much less be on it...

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