Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A done deal?

Apparently, according to this story, there is a general consensus among the elder and wise among the GOP politico machine that a Hilary Clinton Presidency is a "fait accompli". Now, this might be more of the standard psy-ops on the part of the GOP to push for a canddiate they feel will help them, but I think there is some truth to the idea that, to Republican operatives, Hillary will get the nomination and the White House.

The reason for this is that the Clinton machine is modeled after the successful GOP machines that have managed to elect George Bush. Top down, very disciplined, expert at separating donors from their cash, and has a cadre of pretty good political operatives that are not afraid to gouge out the eyes of their opponents. It really is a mirror image of the old Clinton campaigns for Bill coupled with a message discipline that is required for a candidate like Hillary, and that was required for Junior.

I'm not nearly as covinced as the GOP is that she is such a shoe-in. She has improved as a candidate on the campaign trail. Her machine is, at least to my eyes, organizationally light years ahead of anyone on either side, including McCains. I have serious doubts, so far, that she is up to handling the inevitable shocks and surprises that roll over candidates during their campaigns. Plus there is a healthy skepticism among the Democratic base about her electibility and her center-right positions on Iraq and national security issues, although I can understand why she thinks she needs to be hawkish. I guess we'll see.

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