Monday, February 26, 2007

In Other News, Anna Nicole Smith Is Still Dead

...but pay no attention to that.

Our hero forever, the mighty Spackerman, writes at TPMmuckraker about *tomorrow*'s big news today.
Tomorrow morning, the Senate Armed Services Committee becomes the epicenter of a prospective war with Iran. That's because senior intelligence officials will deliver an annual assessment to Congress known as the Worldwide Threat briefing. Over the past several years, the Worldwide Threat has made for a few days' worth of news at most. Tomorrow's, however, will be more significant than usual: it will be a public forum for the intelligence community to either support or dissent from the Bush administration's increasing insistence that Iran is a greater threat to U.S. interests than al-Qaeda.
Provider three bids twelve-thousand quatloos on the intelligence officials lining up in full chorus behind the President.

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