Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In Which, We Chastise The AP For Its Shoddy Reporting

Once again, The Terrorists have struck a blow against the critical infrastructure of the Western technocratic powers, and Associated Press is getting the story wrong. So, we are compelled to ask...
is it deliberate?
Read the main AP report from any of the lovely sources compiled by Google News. Go ahead. We'll wait for you here.

Notice that it tells you the attack was mounted against the "root" DNS servers, but the Truth, which they obviously don't want you to know, is that the attack was really mounted against the TLD servers.

Why can't we have a real press corps, please?

How much longer must we continue to labor with a Main Stream Media dominated by so-called "news organizations" that are functionally equivalent to propaganda outlets for terrorists? When will the silent and long-suffering majority of Real Americans rise up and say they're not going to take it anymore?

When will it finally be time to spit on our collective hands, raise the figurative black flag and commence to the doing of that which we are too polite to commit in writing before the lidless eyes of the Google spiders, whose cold and alien memories will persist long after the stars burn out and fall from the skies?

I ask you— how much longer?

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