Friday, June 22, 2007

"Especially the Guilty..."

Listening to NPR this afternoon, there was a heartbreaking example of the irony-challenged in a piece on the possible closure of the Guantanamo Prison Archipelago.

They were talking to people who live around Fort Knox, Kentucy, which is one of the biggest federal/military prisons in the United States. They were asking people what they thought of the possibility of having GTMO detainees transferred to Fort Knox, when the reporter caught the following audio actuality from a poor unfortunate Redneckistani who said:
"Well, we're a prison community... I say lock 'em all up and throw away the key... especially the guilty ones. yeah, just lock em all up."
This is the tragedy of irony-deficiency. Won't you give generously to help people like this regain their sense of irony or at least context.

I would be willing to bet this guy actually said "Git 'r Done" but they edited out because no one who listens to NPR would believe it wasn't a hoax at that point.

Intellectual anemia is a horrible thing. Together we can find the cure for the irony-challenged.

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