Friday, June 15, 2007

Turning Point Ministries on Armed Forces Radio?

This morning, on my commute to the day job, I head Dr. David Jeremiah say that his Turning Point religious broadcast will be carried soon by the Armed Forced Network radio service.

If that's true, then we are so screwed. David Jeremiah is the guy who took over for Tim LaHaye as the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. He's a Baptist who promotes a dogmatically militaristic, spiritual-warfare heavy variant of hyper-conservative evangelical Christianity. If AFN Radio is carrying this guy, then they're just not pretending anymore.

Seriously, tune into your local evangelical wingnut radio station (if you live anywhere in the United States, then you have several to choose from in your radio market, and one of them probably carries his show) and listen to the guy. Then come back here and tell me that Christianity is different from Islam, and it could never harbor "jihadists" in their midst.

And this guy is going to be proselytizing to our troops in Iraq?

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