Sunday, June 03, 2007

Those Damned Christian Zionists…

You knew this was coming, right? Via the excellent TalkToAction.Org, comes Richard Bartholomew to tell us about how those damned Christian Zionists are getting ready to make the 2008 elections into a referendum on Armageddon.
The latest issue of Christian Retailing magazine (page 4, not online) has an interesting round-up of the latest crop of apocalyptical Christian Zionist and anti-Islamic titles from Christian publishers, under the sub-heading "Geopolitical, apocalyptical books offer 'perspective' in forthcoming election campaign". Highlights (with links to some of my previous discussions added) ...
My favorite highlight in the set is this one:
Steyn's book...sees Europe's demographic trends and its multicultural 'post-nationalist' secularism as leading inevitably to the 'Eurocalypse,' to the 'recolonization of Europe by Islam', to the emergence of a 'Eurabia', and to the onset of a 'new Dark Ages' in which the United States will find it difficult to survive as the 'lonely candle of liberty'...Steyn...sees Islam - and not just 'Islamist radicals' or 'jihadis' such as al-Qaeda - as a unique threat that cannot be reconciled with 'free societies.'
I have said it before, and will keep saying it again and again: when our own homegrown far right terrorists start blowing people up on a more regular basis in America again, these Christian Zionist folks— and there are tens of millions of them— will be harboring them in their churches and their private summer camps.

Oh yeah: isn't "eurocalypse" just about the most ridiculous neologism you've ever seen anyone try to coin?

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