Thursday, August 30, 2007

The City of God Against teh Dumbasses

By the Nine Pound Hammer of Granthar, my eyes hurt after reading VDare for just a few minutes. But it was worth it to mine this priceless nugget of Right Wing hate splooge masquerading as a thoughtful and considered piece on the nature of St. Augustine's ponderous The City of God and why August of Hippo correctly surmises that God wants you to pick up a gun and go stand at the border.

The best part is that this apparently the "Christmas Message" from one of their authors, the improbably named Chilton Williamson Jr.

Here's yer nut grafs, though. Remember wireheads, we are professional crank watchers on a closed course, do not attempt these stunts yourself...
As I wrote in The Immigration Mystique, “The Western nations, degenerate as they have become, continue to represent systems of relative order in a world that succumbs a little more each day to radical disorder. Can the salvation of man arise from chaos?”

Consider this final extract from The City Of God:
While the Heavenly City…is on a pilgrimage in this world, she calls out citizens from all nations and so collects a society of aliens, speaking all languages. She takes no account of any differences in customs, laws, and institutions, by which earthly peace is achieved and preserved - not that she annuls or abolishes any of these, rather she maintains them (for whatever divergences there are among the diverse nations, those institutions have one aim - earthly peace), provided that no hindrance is presented thereby to the religion which teaches that the one and true God is to be worshipped.( Book XIX, Chapter 17)
At first glance, Augustine might be read as advocating here the creation of the First Universal Nation comprising “a society of nations, speaking all languages.”

A closer reading shows, however, that the “citizens” are called “out” in a spiritual rather than a physical sense. They are “called out,” not from within the boundaries of their earthly nations to create a supernation in some other part of the world, but from the confinements of their spiritual ignorance and sin, to bear witness to the God Who Is Truth in their own lands.

As John Vinson points out in a letter in the February 2002 number of Chronicles, “Jesus told His followers to go to all nations, not to invite all nations.”
Okay... put down the Cliff Notes and step away from the paint soaked rag, you've done quite enough for one day, Mr. Williamson Jr.

Can you now just smell the foetid stench of self-righteous ethnocentrism and sanctimonious piety just rolling off this clown in a pale green mist?

This kind of intellectual dishonesty is what's being passed around for academic rigor on the right to make their agitprop with? That last example he pulls out is really reaching for it. He had to chemically reduce those words to their component molecules and reassemble them in the holodeck to make it look like something familiar.

This is like finding out your beautiful new skyscraper, a gleaming, steel and glass monument to the future is actually made from cheap brittle Pig Iron, and would probably crumble to dust if someone came by and kicked it hard enough...

I need to wash now...

mojo sends


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