Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Be careful what you wish for

Kevin Drum passes on an interesting rumor:

SMEAR WATCH....Muckraker extrordinaire Dan Moldea tells Howard Kurtz that Hillary Clinton is about to be Swift Boated:

"I have it on very, very good authority that major opposition research has already been conducted on Bill Clinton, and it's going to be a massive smear campaign against him," he says. A group of former intelligence officers, he says, is "going to try to cripple Hillary through Bill."

This oughta be good. What do you think the wingnuts can possibly say about Bill Clinton that's worse than the mud they slung while he was in office? I mean, he's already been accused of dealing drugs, fathering out-of-wedlock babies, murdering Vince Foster, murdering Ron Brown, and being a paid agent of the Chinese government, just to name a few. What the hell is left? Secret meetings with Osama on 9/10

Well, if they have tangible evidence of Bill screwing around Post-Monica, that would certainly could derail her candidacy. But if it is the usual stuff, even swift boat level stuff, they might want to rethink this.

The Clintons know this is coming. And no one is better at fighting this battle than they are. If this rumor is true, and their research does not score a knockout blow, the Clinton machine will turn this back on them. The blowback could make the dire situation for the GOP worse. And yes, it could be worse, alot worse. The people in the Clinton campaign are not pussies or Fnorkfaces like Shrum. They have serious game, and they are the kind of mean it takes to win elections.

People in the GOP need to make sure they think this through. They won't of course. I have no inside information. But I suspect strongly that the Hillary Clinton people are not only expecting this, they are counting on it. This is what I've been suggesting since 2004, the Clintons bring out the worst in the GOP, it's a form of political Tourettes. They better be prepared to really bring it, but the Clinton people will, that's for sure.

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