Monday, August 27, 2007

If You Want To End The War And Stuff... You Gotta Sing Loud.

Atrios is doing the right thing here, here and here, banging the drum to raise funds to send a specific message that capitulating to the neocon line about the war in Iraq is no way for their opponents to win friends and get elected to office.

President Bush is coming to the 8th Congressional district to squid for Dave Reichart (R-Rubberbandland), and he's expected to raise over $100k from the typical inbred cabal of decadent GOP elite greedheads. Reichart is a huge idiot for the They'reComingToMakeOurWimminChattelWearBurkasAndPrayToHeathenGods theory of American foreign policy. Atrios is urging his readers to help out the Darcy Burner campaign by matching the fundraising effort the netroots way— they pull a knife, you pull a gun; they put one of yours in the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue. He's right about this: if fourteen months out from the election, the netroots can raise $100k for a Congressional race because the DirtyFuckingHippies™ got agitated enough, then it will matter a metric shizzleload more than putting two million feet on the ground in twenty-seven cities for a series of impromptu parades. This kind of mobilization, the Congress cannot fail to recognize.

Please, consider ponying up some cash to help end the war. Whatever her other faults, she's making all the right sounds about the war in Iraq and related issues. Last I checked, the total raised so far is over $80k, and it's rising rapidly. If they meet this goal, you can bet safe money that it will shift the balance in other contested races around the country.

This is how the game is played, people. Suit the hell up, and get into it.

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