Friday, February 06, 2004

Ah... The Power Of Cheez!

I read the hard bloggers. Of course, the drieux is also a friend of mine. But, he launches a pretty well coordinated wave in this piece, where he answers Atrios on the subject of why liberals are evil.

He starts with:
Evil Liberals are Evil because they either support the draft or they oppose the draft.

...which is always good for a laugh. But you want to grovellate all the way down through the whole meandering flow, so that you can get to this excellent take on the wonders of Free Market Fundamentalism...

Clearly if they had not destroyed Enron there would be a Hedge Fund for those persons who wanted to have artillery fire co-ordinated and directed on targets of their future by matching up those who had artillery fire to sell with those who wanted to have a fire mission. The same would have been true of matching up those who had MediVac air flights and those who wanted to call in a dust off to extract their wounded!

I have no joke here. I just like pointing out that there are plenty of other players in the market making business today, who are quite happy to be playing in this "reinsurance" market. In fact, a number of them are fattening their businesses even now in the Global War On Iraqi Flying Saucer Technology Related Program Activities.

You see, liberals are evil because they support the reservation of the imprimatur for the use of military hardware solely to state-sponsored military forces. All true patriotically correct Americans recognize that the wonders of the Free Market™ ended the Cold War, and they support an orderly transition of military operations away from the failed public service model of the Soviet Union toward a more American model of private sector free enterprise systems.

Hope that helps.

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