Sunday, February 01, 2004

Another Bloody Whitewash

Via Max Sawicky (see links)— once again, it looks like Comrade Max is ruling the stars from beyond the boundaries of the natural Universe— comes this excellent comment by James Heartfield about the Hutton Report.

Illusions in Lord Hutton's enquiry were widespread as it sat to consider the circumstances surrounding government scientist David Kelly's suicide in 2003. The swathe of middle class voters who could not understand how their one-time hero Tony Blair had dragooned them into President Bush's war now dreamt that Lord Hutton could expose him as a 'liar'.

But in a 'Hutton Special' Socialist Worker recalls that this was the same Brian Hutton who had represented the British Army at the Widgery Enquiry into Bloody Sunday (an infamous whitewash in northern Ireland in the 1972): 'He has clearly learned to serve his masters well'. Such insight might have been more appropriate before the report.

I have no joke here. I'm still stunned that these are the same people whose Parliament our most glorious Dear President Bush was afraid to face in person during his recent state visit because he was afraid they might be critical of him in a public forum.

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