Monday, February 02, 2004

...And Rats Gotta Suck The Pipe.

Grover Norquist, one of the weirdest little gnomes to ever acquire any political power in GOP America— a guy who has compared the estate tax to the Nazi holocaust— has posted another strange missive into the wingnut ether.

It's called "Cornered Rats Fight Hard" and it's all about the Impending Doom of the party of Thomas Jefferson. (We did not fail to notice the continuing effort to transfer the animal spirit of the Democratic party away from the traditional kicking donkey to the newer, more improved spirit animal: the Rat. Remember this? You may have forgotten all about this strange media moment from the 2000 elections, but the wingnuts haven't— scroll down to the entry for Rats.)

Grover runs a lot of smack in this article, but the concluding paragraph is the one that got our attention (via today):

[...] Expect the crescendo to grow through 2004. The other team isn't being unreasonable. It is reacting rationally to a real threat to its ability to function. Anything short of placing snipers on the rooftops of D.C. would be an underreaction by the Left.

(Italics added. —ed.)

What is with these lunatic frootbats on the right? Do they not understand— like we liberals do— exactly what kind of effort is required to get a functioning insurrection beyond the Powerpoint presentation phase, and get it actually up and running as a fully-funded operation with investors, employees, facilities, a payroll, health benefits, a supply chain, and most importantly a marketing operation complete with a glossy four-color brochure?

Like, yeah— we're just gonna roll down to Sand Hill Road wearing our open-toed sandals and tye-dyed T-shirts and say, "Hey, sailor— spare a few hundred million dollars to help us get our country back? We have a great plan. First, we're going to place snipers on the rooftops around the Washington Mall..."

Ye glurves. And you know, the really silly part? Grover knows that throwaway lines like this serve two important purposes: 1) throws red meat to the lefty commentariat like us, who will make a big hullaballoo about [with good reason], giving them something to use to show us all as a bunch of angry losers; and more importantly 2) feeds yet more disinformation about how liberals actually think to the slimy right-wing fascist trolls who are more worried about the threat of domestic terrorism from the folks at PETA than they are about the really dangerous screwheads who did Oklahoma City (and who, as Orcinus reports, are very likely building out their WMD arsenal even now).

Fsck you, Grover. Fsck you very much.

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