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Mojowire for 03/27/04 PART I

Mojowire for 03.27; vol. 2, no. 06

J. Good morning, and welcome to The Mojowire, Vol. 2, No. 06... I’m Mojo...

S. And I'm Sean, it's Saturday, March 13 2004, Day 1,091 of the Neocon Captivity, and here's the news for the week gone-by...

J. Brought to you by Mojohaus-fine journalism, afflicting the comfortable since 1988. Now headlines, from Mojohaus:

S. First this morning, we crank out the obvious and break down the maelstrom swirling around Richard Clarke and his testimony before Congress, and what we knew would be the typical Republican response.

J. Next, it looks pretty grim right now for our favorite poisonous little thug in Congress Tom Delay. The GOP's head orc from Sugarland Texas is about to be indicted by an Austin Grand Jury for political money laundering, and Delay is quietly informing people he may be forced to step down.

S. Then Strychnine brings us a horrible tale of deceit and ineffective bureaucracy in yet another terrible object lesson on how the Bush Administration has absolutely no intention of dealing with corporate governance.

J. Next this morning, the Republicans, threatened by progressive organizing and fund raising, have decided the only way to stop them is to file criminal charges with the Justice Department to make them stop all that Freedom of Speech and Association stuff...

S. Finally this morning, many Americans have been asking the question: If this economy is so en fuego, why am I standing on this breadline? The Bush team would have you believe it's God's Judgment, while the rest of us know they are simply making it all up...

J.…So stand by to stand by while we get ready to pull the pin on this thing...

J. This week, Richard Clarke, an expert and leader on Terrorism through 4 Presidencies over 20 years and a registered Republican, appeared in a flash of brimstone and fire in front of the 9/11 Commission this week. This appearance is hot on the heels of the 60 minutes interview he gave last Sunday, where he called out the Bush Team for blowing off the threat of Al Queda to focus on the threat of Iraqi Flying Saucer related activity.

In addition to the 15 hours of closed testimony he gave to the commission, Clarke gave public testimony following days of public testimony by Clinton and Bush administration officials. Clarke, like all the public testimony before his, was under oath and carries the consequence of being charged with criminal perjury if he lies to them.

Meanwhile, the flying monkey's of the Bush Administration, (and no, we are not going to attribute that line, we've been saying it for years!) have been appearing on every media outlet they can crash to accuse Clarke of being out of the loop, in the loop, crazy, disgruntled, tall, short, a Democrat ninja with inner control, an alien gray, and the voice of Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars Prequels.

Like every other statement from these pathological liars, Nothing they uttered could be reconciled with the record or with each others statements.

So why is the White House wetting it's bloomers over a supposedly disloyal former employee? Because he directly contradicts the myth of this Administrations competency on National Security issues, and exposes once and for all the truth that the Presidents National Security team was obsessed with Iraq and refused to see the obvious threat of Al Qaeda. Clarke essentially makes the following points:

The Clinton Administration had decided that Al Qaeda was a dangerous and ongoing threat to the country. So much so that when Intelligence agencies became concerned about attacks around the millenium, the President met daily with the Attorney General, Defense Secretary, National Security Advisors and other Cabinet level officials, demanding them to "shake the tree" of their departments to make sure all was being done that was possible. A plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport was uncovered due to this effort.

Condolezza Rice and her deputy Steven Hadley, de prioritized Clarkes efforts to keep Al Queda on the top of the new administrations radar by cutting off his access to Cabinet level officials, forcing him to work with deputies and not allowing him access to the President. Clarke and CIA chief Tenet conspired to stuff the President's Intelligence briefing with All Al Queda all the time to end run Condi.

Paul Wolwofitz openly criticized the emphasis on Bin Laden and Al Queda, instead pimping conspiracy theories that Iraq had behind the WTC bombing and the Cole attack, theories considered false and not credible by every nations intelligence agencies including all of our own, and only kept alive by Ahmad Chalabi and the inmates in the mental health lockdown facility we like to call the American Enterprise Institute.

The Administrations Iraq obsession began on day one and never w wavered no matter how much information was dumped on them about Al Qaeda.

The Administration's war on Iraq diverted crucial resources from the war on Al Qaeda, and allowed them to regroup. While also creating a public relations disaster in the Islamic world that drive thousands of recruits into the arms of Al Qaeda.

S. Clarke's book and subsequent testimony demonstrate beyond a doubt what we in the smoky caverns of the Mojowire have been channeling at you every Saturday morning for over a year. This Administration has used the tragedy of 9/11 to advance their insane war on Saddam Hussien at the expense of defeating the nations real enemies, the terrorist cells of Al Queda and it's affiliated groups.

It has perverted the grief and fear of that day to advance it's radical conservative agenda, and has done virtually nothing to address the real security concerns that 9/11 exposed. All they do is attack their enemies with lies and vitriolic hate, because they haven't a shred of substantive proof to refute their claims.

Let's follow some of their clever rebuttals shall we?

First, Dick Cheney slithered onto the Big Pharma...errr. Rush Limbaugh show to declare Clarke out of the loop. Really Mr. Vice President? You kept your counter-terrorism chief out of the loop? Then why was it exactly he was put in charge of the situation room on the exact day of 9/11 to coordinate the governments response?

Once again, the administration had to try to cover up yet another lie that pours out of the mouth of the Vice President. Condi Rice a day later admitted to reporters that in fact Clarke was in the loop. Not the the Iraq is the devil loop, just the loop of crazy democrat doublecrossing moles who were subverting America's security by trying to focus on Al Queda like those commie Clitonites..sorry...we digress...

From Scott McClellan in the White House Press Room, to subhuman Repubican Lizard Queen Anne Coulter, the message is clear. They want Clarke framed as a disloyal partisan, and the Administration and the President as victim.

The way it breaks down is like this: There will be a heavily redacted form of Clarke's classified testimony, vetted of course by the White House, which will be reconstructed in such a way as to make him look like a liar and Democratic dupe. And Clarke will be unable to rectify the record without criminally violating the National Security Act.

And rest assured that he will never see the business end of a federal grand jury, but the testimony will find its way into media all over the country to the point where Clarke's name becomes synonymous with child molester, much like the administration did to former weapons inspector Scott Ritter.

You know folks, we at the Mojowire are pretty tough when it comes to Reublican outrages. But few previous experiences prepared us for the sight of Bill Frist, the Presidents personal handmaiden, getting up on the floor of the United States Senate and trying to accuse Clarke of perjuring himself in two separate apperances under oath before congress.

We guarantee you folks, that Clarke will never be proscuted for perjury, it's enough to cook up some horrrrrrible lie about perjury to convince ma and pa kettle in swing state USA that everyone who calls out the Administration as a pack of faithless liars with the the morals of a rabid dog on a three day Methamp bender is a commie, a liberal and a dope wielding hippie. I don't know how many packs of smokes they had to trade for Bill First, but apparently it was worth it.

What this really boils down to is that the true nature of this administration has been on grusome display this week. Anyone who dares to criticize them, will be subjected to an attack so depraved, so beneath any standard of legitimate political discourse, that even the most objective observer must conclude, that this Administration sole purpose is to keep and exercise power.

And God help us if they keep it for four more dreadful years...

J. On the political front, we do have a bit of good noise... Michael... We drink from the keg of victory this day...bring us a collection of the finest bagels and muffins in all the land...let the bells ring out and all children everywhere stuff themselves with chocolate and sugar...

Our favorite poisonous little thug Tom Delay is about to be indicted and forced to step down from the Congressional leadership...perhaps even from Congress according to reports circulating through the blogosphere and Texas print media in the last 48 hours.

That’s right, the pompous jackass who once said he didn’t go to Vietnam because minorities had all the good combat positions already taken, is about to get run like the low-rent punk we all have known he is since he first crawled out from under a rock to see the light of day.

But...I see we are getting ahead of let’s hit the rewind a bit so you, too, loyal wireheads might share in this brief moment of joy...

You see, back in 2001, Delay formed a little political investment club called Texans for a Republican Majority -- or TRiMPAC -- basically his own little in-state political fund raising and distribution machine. Enter Tom Craddick, current speaker of the Texas State Legislature and way-back friend of the Thug. The wrangling and technicalities aside, goes something along the lines of Delay, through TRMPAC unlawfully laundered corporate money to Craddick in his bid to be the Godfather of the Texas Statehouse.

And Craddick, according to the Texas Observer didn’t only get the money, he was also Delay’s bagman, distributing the money for Delay’s TRMPAC to those lucky Republicans seeking to become part of the Thug’s sway and thrall.

Think of it as the Corelone family running their Vegas holdings from the family home in New York. They put Fredo up for election in Austin, got him into the leadership, and the next thing you know, horses’ heads start appearing in newsrooms

And now, an ambitious District Attorney from Austin, has decided to look into TRMPAC and how it operated. You see, and this is why we are always fond of talking about the sin of Pride on the Mojowire.

This is set against the state Republican Party’s attempt to gerrymander all Democrats out of existence in Texas and complete a political coup 134 years in the making. The complete takeover by a single party in Texas, which they all but accomplished in 2002.

According to Ron Earle, the dedicated public servant in question, he would not even have initiated an investigation had Texas Association of Business had not been openly bragging in newspapers and at cocktail parties about how they used their phat stax of mad bank to buy the 2002 state election cycle.

Well guess what...perhaps not... Let’s see how much you are bragging when you are standing tall in front of the Grand Jury. Face it, you’re scumbags and you’re guys are scumbags and scumbags see the judge on Monday morning.

S. So now that we know the basics, it would appear that for the past few weeks the redoubtable Don Delay has been making the rounds of his colleagues on the hill informing them that he is about to be indicted and since it is for a felony with a mandated prison term (hey maybe there is something to mandatory minimums after all) he will have to step aside from his roll as House Majority Leader.

The Republican caucus rules mandate leadership members to abdicate their posts when they are busted for being mendacious dirtbags and facing serious time in the hole. Oddly enough, if he can get it all knocked down to a misdemenanor, he can retain his seat under Republican rule.

I guess that if Republican leaders charged with misdemeanors were all forced to give up their power, then no one would be in charge of the party.

But moreover, in recent weeks, Delay has been meeting privately with supporters and telling them outright that he expects to be indicted. And with the evidence that is mounting up, just in the public domain, he probably should be worried.

This bit from the Texas Observer:
"What's clear is that TRMPAC's use of corporate money provided DeLay and Craddick’s PAC a huge advantage. TRMPAC spent a total of $1.4 million on the election...Meanwhile, TRMPAC utilized corporate cash for almost all its administrative, fundraising, and entertainment expenses, and most of its political work such as polls and consultants. That freed up more hard money (legal individual donations) for TRMPAC to donate directly to campaigns."

This is very simple. Tom Delay was running an illegal political money laundering operation, and now he is going to have suck the pipe for it, and the Bush Administration will lose their number one leg-breaker.

Delay has had this coming for a long, long time. But this is so completely in keeping with the current thought of the Republican Party. Do anything to stay in power, laws don't apply to them, just keep the money comin' down the funnel.

Fortuantely, there are still a few people left in the United States with the will and the nominal power left to pose a serious challenge to these screwheads. We need all of them we can get between now and the election. This is just an object lesson, we need other public servants to look at this and see it not as an abberation or a one-shot deal, but as the standard operating procedure of one of the most corrupt political machines in the last 100 years.

Seriously, one would have to look back to the Harding Administration and Tea Pot Dome scandal to see an influence peddling machine this greasy and seamless. These hacks would make the Tammeny Hall bosses weep.

So the last thing I can think of is to ask what weird or obscure gods do we have to placate or offer sacrifices to in order to make this happen...Seriously, any of them, give us a roster and a list of supplies we'll need, and we will get right on that!

Because that poisonous little thug has got to go...

And now the music is telling me that we have an incoming transmission from the redoubtable Dr. S9…

J. That’s right. It is time once again for our regular contributor Dr. Strychnine, reporting from his super-secret, ultra-dope, mega-cool, extra-jiggy, Mojohaus spy satellite of love high in geosynchronous orbit above Baghdad by the Bay…take it away S9…

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