Sunday, June 05, 2005

More Dark Comedy From The Religious Weird

So, I'm surfing Evangelical Outpost, because— well, I do that sort of thing so You Don't Have To. And I find a link to this bit of weirdness penned by an editor for some Christian magazine called Touchstone.

This is because of my overall philosophy of childrearing. I am aiming to raise up violent sons.
The Star Wars movie offered the opportunity to talk through these issues of cosmic struggle with my boys. And to place such themes in context of what they already know from the most blessedly violent bedtime stories they hear every day: the Holy Scriptures.

I've given you just a small taste of the exquisite silliness. Click through the link to see the good bits. You'll think it's parody, but it looks to me like the dude is serious. He actually thinks the way to raise up "violent sons"— which he seems to think is a good idea— is to take them to see Star Wars: Episode III and have a good talk through the issues afterward.

When I finally stop laughing my ass completely off over this, I'm going to have to downsize my estimate of the threat these people really pose to my lifestyle. Something tells me his sons are gonna be absolute pussies. (The daughters, on the other hand, may still pose a problem...)

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