Sunday, June 12, 2005


You know...

I was thinking of doing a post on the whole new set of Downing Street memos making the rounds this morning.


But you know what? Fuck it! I am with Atrios on this one. I am sick, absolutely sick-to-fucking-death of disgorging more rising bile over crap that you people should have known in the first place.

"But how were we supposed to know..." yes, I hear the whining even in my sleep now. You were supposed to know because all of us were telling you so, morons!

Kind of reminds of the words of Bill Hicks: "Interesting style, say something that's kind of funny and then you tell us you hate us..."

Absolute fucking morons! You are all going to get the country you deserve. I am so completely past tired of hearing people whinge and whine about the state of things. You had your chance to fix this, but you were too busy watching the Michael Jackson trial or voting for American Idol contestants to pay attention.

At this point, I hope they do bring back the draft. I really do. I hope they have to come for you at the airport and drag you away to the induction center and they next thing you know, you've got your ass in the grass and wondering how you got there.

I'll tell you how you got voted yourself there. Good job. Drop us a letter sometime, let us know how it's going.

I am not interested in hearing excuses of ignorance anymore. I am so not interested in that. My friends and I have been shouting this (literally) from the rooftops for more than four fucking years now! At some point you folks have got to take a little responsibility for this.

Either way, I have had it up to here *indicates suborbital ridge with horizontal hand motion* with all of this. It has come to the point where I am starting to really believe you are just happy being lied to, as long as you get to be on the side that's helping others to just get over, then fine. It's not that you don't get it, it's that you just don't give a rat's ass. Well fine then, you all are cordially invited to just go to hell.


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