Sunday, June 26, 2005


Okay...this is a perfect example of the kind of shit in the MSM that is making me limb-gnawing angry. Via Daniel Schorr at NPR:

"And now the public support for the war in Iraq is declining in the face of a more determined insurgency than we expected."

Oh my freekin' God...

Strychnine? Sean? Am I dreaming this?

Is there no end in sight?

I can recall a time when the three of us could not open our mouths in public without the phrase asymetric war of attrition that the U.S. is totally unprepared for..." emitting from our collective grills. I remember people fearing to address us, or even look us in the eye for dread that we would expound on the totally fscked-up insurgency that we were biting off in Iraq.

And now, these people have the bottomless gall to act shocked and surprised when the insurgency does exactly what we were ... I hestitate to say predicting, because that would presume that we had some specialized knowledge or experience allowing us to draw conclusions and prognosticate in an area that most people would have no ability to do so ... let's say pointing out the hideously obvious.

So you will excuse me Mr. Schorr if I am deeply disappointed in you, a newsman I generally admire and respect, for being either completely full of shite, or ignorant to extent that should automatically disqualify you from ever doing radio news analysis ever again...


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