Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Armed Wing of the GOP

The caption on that image over at The Coloradoan is "Marilyn Musgrave introduces Marine Sergeant Brandon Forsyth on Friday during the Larimer County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner." [Photo credit: Peter Heacox/For The Coloradoan]

Comrade Joshua is making a big deal over this, and he's absolutely right.
Bob Novak pretty much put us on notice a couple weeks ago that the White House and the RNC were going to make a habit of using uniformed military personnel as props at Republican political rallies. This despite the fact that it is a plain violation of military regulations banning politicization of the armed forces.
People on our old private MaxHeadRoom rantmail list used act like I was a complete nutjob when I complained about how the U.S. military was fast becoming the armed wing of the GOP. I'm getting pretty damned tired of being right about things I would so very much desperately like to be wrong.

Would the last patriotic American to leave the continental U.S. please lower the flag? Thank you.

Update 1.0:Good grief. Now, Comrade Joshua has posted this picture, as well. Seriously, I ask you, dear readers— is this a sign that the Marines are concentrating their recruiting efforts on Republicans? (I almost never see them standing on a stage with any of my favorite political candidates.)

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