Tuesday, March 14, 2006

You're Mistaken

Occasionally, I encounter some fool who mistakes me for a Democrat. They see me howling about corrupt, venal, barbaric and morally bankrupt Republicans, and they assume that anyone who isn't a Republican must be a Democrat. They are wrong; I am not a Democrat.

I have many reasons, but I'm reminded of one of them this morning that I don't usually think about.

People like me give the Democrats a bad name just by continuing to live.

Really. All those links in that paragraph above vector off into a Great Whinging among some of the leading lights of what passes for the intelligentsia in the Democratic Party about the pernicious hostility to Religion so common among the "Left" that— somehow— manages to prevent moderate and liberal Christians from feeling comfortable voting for Democrats. As some of those writers take pains to remind our collective audience, people like me don't actually have to be hostile to Religion for the baseless perception of our hostility to be a significant factor in the decline of the Democratic Party.

So. I'm taking this opportunity now to publicly and clearly declaim all association with the Democratic Party. I changed my registration in 1998, and I've generally voted Green where possible ever since. So don't blame me for your psycho-crisis about whether Democrats speak to evangelical Christians with a sufficiently deferential tone to make them feel warm and fuzzy about leaving the Republican Party.

It's not my fncking fault, you goddam wankers!

I'll consider coming back into the fold when my local, state or national Democratic Party proudly and vigorously defends an openly atheist or agnostic candidate for public office from the inevitable smears based on their religious affiliation.
"I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God." —George H. W. Bush [*]
Until you can summon the spine to stand up to Republicans when they say shit like that, you can please stop blaming me for your fnckups. Thank you.

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