Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Please, not this again

Those liberals are at again. So says this Solon, Rob Anderson, at the the New Republic (subscription required). His take is that Jim Brady, the editorial Wonderlick at who hired Ben Domenech to blog his screed on the Post website, made this brilliant hiring decision because he conformed to Brady's, or the Post's, liberal caricature of what Conservatives are. You see, if only we could see the calm reasonable, INTELLECTUAL heart of conservatism, we would know and respect them. Or Something. Bad News Rob, Benji IS a mainstream conservative. And No, this has nothing to do with the folks in Red State America who pull levers for Republicans, this is about who runs the party and what they believe. And they truly believe the spittle laced crap Benji pumps out. Those conservative intellectuals you moon over have been run out of town. Domenench was not only a contributor to a few conservative mags, he was an editor at Regnery, in fact, he edited Michelle Malkin's racist diatribe about internment and Ponneru's upcoming book Satan is a Democrat, or whatever he is calling it today. He is a PLAYER in the conservative ruling elite. That's why he got that gig. He isn't a caricature of a conservative, he is one, and a pretty typical one.

By the way Rob, you can officially FSCK OFF with the "You Blue state elitists don't get conservatives" Bullshit. The editors here at the Wire lived their Teenage and Twentysomthing years in ORange County CA. We know conservatives better than you Rob, no matter how many Safari's you've made to Mayberry to observe Conservatives in their natural habitat. We lived among them, drank their beer, scared their families and worshipped BAAL right next to their MegaChurches. So DO NOT lecture me about Red STATe. I sit across from them at the dinner table regularly. Unlike you who seem to think they all smell and dance like Willy Buckley.

And exactly how do you reconcile critiquing Liberals for caricatures of conservatives when the premise of your article is, GASP, a caricature of Liberals. DOH! Not to mention, Jim Brady and his ombudsmen, Debbie Howel, are not liberals by any definition. Jim despises us, particularly us in the blogsphere. Anyone who "balances out journalists with a crank like Benjie is not a liberal, nor is he someone who should be trusted with the reputation of the Post.

Have you ever been to Rob? It's a cesspool of racism, paranoia and ignorant stupidity. Yes Rob, I said Racism, read the comments on that site and tell me otherwise. Go visit the comments at Atrios or Firedoglake. Who lives their stereotype and who doesn't Rob?

Why the fsck am I still reading TNR? What the FRAK happened to you people? Rob, do me a favor and never tell me what I know about Conservatives. I know them too well, Rob. It's you and the rest of the Mickey Kaus brigade that need an introduction. Take the elevator to Hell and follow the Banjo music. How's that for a caricature?

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