Monday, August 14, 2006

The Freedom and the Liberty and the Creamy Democracy Filling...

A couple of days ago, s9 wrote in the comments section of this post about : "I hope I don't have to point out to anyone that our President and his NeoConClownCarCrew™ are using the words "freedom" and "terror" now as completely meaningless antonyms of one another. It's quite orwellian, actually."

Well, Preznit Chucklehead buried the needle on meaningless political methane emission this afternoon when he went on a drunken extended rant about our "Forward Strategy of Freedom."

Now, you see, I thought it was just bunkering down in Bagdad and Kabul trying to get blowed up, but no ... apparently it is just our "Forward Strategy for Freedom."

Here, I'll just let Maximum Leader explain it to you:
Yet, the lack of freedom in the region meant anger and resentment grew, radicalism thrived, and terrorists found willing recruits. We saw the consequences on September 11, 2001, when terrorists brought death and destruction to our country, killing nearly 3,000 of our citizens.

So we launched a forward strategy of freedom in the broader Middle East. And that strategy has helped bring hope to millions and fostered the birth of young democracies from Baghdad to Beirut.

Forces of terror see the changes that are taking place in their midst. They understand that the advance of liberty, the freedom to worship, the freedom to dissent, the protection of human rights would be a defeat for their hateful ideology.
So the terrorists are striking back with all the destructive power that they can muster.
Some say that America caused the current instability in the Middle East by pursuing a forward strategy of freedom, yet history shows otherwise.

We didn't talk much about freedom or the freedom agenda in the Middle East before September 11th, 2001
History's clear: The freedom agenda did not create the terrorists or their ideology, but the freedom agenda will help defeat them both.
The problem in the Middle East today is not that people lack the desire for freedom. The problem is that young democracies that they have established are still vulnerable to terrorists and their sponsors.
The message of this administration is clear: America will stay on the offense against Al Qaida. Iran must stop its support for terror.
Yet millions of people in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere are equally determined to live in peace and freedom...They reject the hateful vision of the terrorists
We seek to advance the cause of freedom in the Middle East
The way forward's going to be difficult. It will require more sacrifice. But we can be confident of the outcome because we know and understand the unstoppable power of freedom.

In a Middle East that grows in freedom and democracy, people will have a chance to raise their families and live in peace and build a better future. In a Middle East that grows in freedom and democracy, the terrorists will lose their recruits and lose their sponsors and lose safe havens from which to launch new attacks. In a Middle East that grows in freedom and democracy there will be no room for tyranny and terror, and that will make America and other free nations more secure.

Now I'll be glad to answer a couple of questions...
Sure Chucklehead... I gots a couple questions for ya... First, exactly how drunk do you have to be to stand there with a reasonably straight face and deliver hideously wonton rhetorical crap like this? Really, what is it? A dozen Jack Daniels shooters? A case of Coronas? A couple of mason jars full of 160 proof Tennessee Moonshine? 500cc IV push of MDMA or Mescaline

Next question, after what sounded like a tirade fueled by cheap tequila and meth, I would like to clarify that the only thing standing between the people of the Middle East and their freedom is the governments in Syria and Iran... mostly Iran. So my question is basically when do you anticipate to begin the bombing?

We are so screwed...

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