Monday, August 07, 2006

Put your Quatloos where your wrinkly braincase is..

Provider #3 wagers 35,000 quatloos that Lamont edges Lieberman by 6%.

You know, I don't really have much of a stake whether or not Joementum keeps his job or not. But the more Lamont gathered momentum, the more the beltway dweebs like Broder, Matthews, Cokehead..err..Cokie got their panties in a bunch. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is deafening. I almost sorry the primary is upon us, I wanted to read more column where beltway sychophants firmly lodged between Karl Rove's buttcheeks rend their garments in faux outrage at how the Democratic Party will destroy itself in purging Lieberman.

Just for the record, my problem with Joementum isn't really about the War, at least not entirely. My problem with Joeboy is his career is one long slow wet blowjob for the worst excesses of the financial services industry. No Joe, we were not decieved by your oh so clever no vote on the bankruptcy bill. No one deepthroated his colleagues deeper and more often than you on this subject through the cloakroom gloryhole. If there is one legislative product of the last decade that is more cloven hoofed, brimstonesmelling, orphanstarving evil, it would have to be sponsored by Satan himself. Even he wouldn't put his name on that wretched piece of crap.

I won't even get into Joe's key role in running Arthur Leavitt off the hill back in the 90's when he wanted to push some reforms amidst the Roman orgy of the boom. When the bell starts tolling for all the people in hock up to their eyeballs in mortgage debt with ARM's and the rest of those "innovative" loan products they pushed on people with bad credit and limited capital, where is Joe going to be? Getting feted by the lads at Heritage and AEI for being their kind of Demcocrat. Even if Joe opposed the War, he would still be a venal little biatch.

Good Riddance.

Update 1.0: And the results are almost official. It's Lamont, 52-48.

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