Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Go the Mattresses

James Zogby at the Huffington Post offers a drubbing of the White House over it's policy on Israel and Hezbullah. He said something though that grabbed my attention and that I wanted to talk a bit more about:
Where are the Democrats who seek to lead in 2008? Why have they not called for a ceasefire and negotiations leading to a resolution of this conflict before another Qana occurs?

I haven't checked carefully to see if any Democrats are doing that, although I suspect some are in one way or another. But If I was the parties chief political advisor, you know what I would say: Say as little as possible. Get to work in your local races talking about Social Security, You want to talk about War, talk about iraq and bringing the troops home and attacking the White House's failures.

I would advise this for the following reasons:

1. Nothing you say will impact the Policy of this White House. They don't care what Senators from their own party say, let alone the opposition. If you tell them what you want, they will try to do the opposite. Their contempt for Democracy is so blatant, it's a wonder anyone other than James Dobson even bothers to offer policy alternatives. Karl Rove is focused on winning elections, and he knows he can't do that by taking advice from Democrats, even they handed him a perfect solution. He and his president will destroy the Middle East before allowing the Dems or any Republican not 100% supportive of the President any credit.

2. Nothing you say will be reported accurately. If two Democrats say anything that isn't exactly, and I mean EXACTLY alike, process stories will appear in the New York Time and The Washington Post talking about how Democrats are divided over Israel. Any Democrat who calls for a ceasefire will be tarred as a cowardly Hezbolah lover who hates Israel. Not by the RNC, they don't have to. It will be done by Matthews and O'Reilly and Hannity and the talk show bots. Any Democrat this doesn't happen to is living on borrowed time. See Election 2002 for details.

3. You will still be pilloried for not standing for something. Every Democrat stand, even on core Dem values like Social Security is reported by "objective journalists" as a strategy. This is in large part the fault of Democrats, who need to shut the FUCK UP about strategy to reporters. If one more Democratic office holder or hopeful starts in on the meta-conversation about "what Dems need to do", Rahm Emannuel should put a severed horse head in their bed.

Sean Connery in the Untouchables asks the only question that Dems should be asking. "What are you prepared to do?". They cannot influence policy in the minority unless they go to extreme legislative ploys that carry substantial risk of blowback and retaliation. All other venues are closed to them. So it's time to get your hot human blood temporarily removed from your body and replaced with that ice cold concoction that Karl Rove uses for Blood. Attack the GOP and the White House any way you can. They call you gay, you call them Nazi's. They Swift Boat one of yours, you Daisy AD one of theirs. That is the Chicago way.

Do you know what a blood oath is Mr. Dean?

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