Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Anti-war voter showed up at the polls, James. At least as far as I can tell. And he contributed, and walked precints and called fat red state nascar assholes on the phone to get them to vote their own interests. C+ Augustus turned them out in droves. The Kerry campaingn did not suffer from lack of funding, manpower, or energy on the part of its supporters.
This was not about the antiwar voter. God knows that voter shouldn't get any of the blame.

A coherent message why the War a) is a failure b)why withdrawal sooner rather than later is a better choice to protect the nation c)The present residents in the monkey cage are dangerously stupid and incomptentent and cannot be trusted with anything, seemed to be made by a host of people and sources, at times by John Kerry. But neither you nor I speak redstate very well. Neither does John Kerry. Which is one of the things I liked about him.

What 50+% voters wanted was not reasons why the war sucked or why to leave it like a burned out Chevy by the side of the road. They wanted to hear something else. And that is the dilemna we need to solve.

Votes being sucked into the blackbox hole of Shub-Niggurth I can get my head around. I WANT to believe that is the reason I see the results I do. It's proof we need..and yeah, I will contribute to the folks at Blackbox .

Insert the vengeful, apocalyptic wrath of the space-God Jehovah-1 here.

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