Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Let The Recriminations Begin!

Yeah, the Electoral College is technically still in play, but the popular vote looks pretty seriously in the tank for Maximum Leader. Longtime readers will recall that I have always been a fierce opponent of the Electoral College— so, as far as I'm concerned, the vote count that matters the most has already called a winner: George W Bush. If the upcoming festival of recounts and litigation manages to flip Bush out of the White House, then I will be 1) very surprised; 2) still a fierce opponent of the Electoral College; and 3) vastly amused by the sudden GOP concern about the meaning of the popular vote.

Say what you want about the Electoral College— the Democrats have lost the popular vote. Let the recriminations begin!

UPDATE: Okay, the wires are reporting Kerry has conceded. (And look— all those overseas military ballots are still uncounted! I wonder who would have had the edge there?) So. Now. Democrats: your bandwagon looks pretty damned busted. I won't say I told you so— even though, I fscking told you so— okay, forget that. I will say it. So. Democrats: what are you going to do now? Try to get the Senate back? The House? The White House in 2008? It must be a dark, dark day for you people. Still feeling happy about alienating the anti-war voter? I thought so. And yeah— save your cries of Greenshirt! because I voted your guy, even if I hated his war policy. But I could have worked harder for him, if you hadn't decided to spend all your money trying to swing the pinhead vote— voters who ultimately were swayed by the smear tactics of your opponents yesterday.

You people are such roobs. (And don't even get me started on the "black box voting" problem. I have given up hope trying to make that point clear to you.)

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