Monday, November 08, 2004

For the love of the Unnamed Mover...

To continue on with the theme of s9's previous post, does Kevin, (and Professor Kleiman, who I normally have enormous respect for) really believe this kakaa about liberal hectoring? Guys, it's a key ingredient of the right wing kool-aid. Creating a sense of victimization among fundi-christians is a core component of the movement. It is completely manufactured. Political constituencies "hector" fella's, it's how you get your point across.

Is the gay bashing and abortion rhetoric of the right NOT hectoring? They want to impose a multi-trillion dollar debt on me and my kid, do I get to "hector" about that? The Administration wants to poison my water and air, do I get to disturb the meth-amp bender of Mr. and Mrs. Red State about that? Cthulhu forbid I should disturb the reality show induced trance of flyover America while their cherished moral leadership in the White House puts me and the rest of Blue State America at risk because of their demented national security policies.

You know what, I'll stop being contemptuous of flyover America's religious and secular hillbillies when they stop acting like freakin hillbillies. I don't want their flippin vote. I want to frame our values to get the voters who are at least trying not to be shmucks, there really is enough of them to make a difference. The others won't EVER vote for a candidate you can stomach. Kevin is indulging in the classic liberal blame ourselves game. I don't blame liberals or liberalism, I blame the christian facism that has usurped the faith of my youth and replaced it with a theology of hatred and fear. I blame the intellectual elite on the right that colloborates with these assholes to pimp their 19th century capitalism of greed. And I blame ma and pa red state for eating it up. We're right, they are facist scum. It really is that easy. Kevin and Prof Kleiman, stop the mea culpas and pick back your rhetorical juevos. We need every bayonet.

Jesus! sack up!...

Insert the vengeful, apocalyptic wrath of the space-God Jehovah-1 here.

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